What does coronavirus mean for charity insurance?

PolicyBee – Small Charities Week The coronavirus outbreak has had a major impact on all of our lives, but the effect it has had on vulnerable people – such as the homeless, survivors of domestic violence and the elderly – has been catastrophic. What’s worse is that the usual lifelines for those people – chiefly provided by the charity sector – has been in turmoil since lockdown began. Donations have dried up, volunteers are being directed to other frontline services and those who deliver help to millions across the UK have had to adapt to doing things in a completely different way – often struggling to reach those who need them most. It can be hard in such a desperate situation to think abou

How can charities be more resilient?

Beth Clarke, CAF Resilience Programme Manager, CAF This Big Advice Day I’ll be leading a workshop on how charities can innovate and become more resilient. It will feature lessons we’ve learnt from our CAF Resilience programme. Read on to find out more about the programme and the workshop I’ll be leading during Small Charity Week. It’s very difficult to measure in advance whether a charity is resilient. The only way to know for sure is when they are put to the test. Not may of us would have thought a global health pandemic would be the test – reimagining services, dealing with increasing demand and facing acute pressures on funding. The current situation underlines what we saw several years a

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