How can charities bridge the funding gap during coronavirus?

Small charities are facing a double whammy during these troubled times of the coronavirus pandemic. Not only are their services required more than ever, with domestic abuse, mental health, food charities and many others in ever increasing demand. But funding has fallen off a cliff. With shops only now set to open again, albeit with restrictions, and fundraising events cancelled the length and breadth of the country, income has been hit hard. That, combined with the negative impact economic uncertainty is having on donations, means charities are having a rough ride. So immediate has been the effect of the pandemic that figures make for grim reading. Based on initial surveys combined with data

Want to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks? Then upskill your team

PolicyBee – Small Charities Week - Risk is something that has been forced to the forefront of our minds recently. The coronavirus outbreak has transformed daily activities into actions that can put our health, and our lives, at risk. But while we’re all busy worrying about health risks presented by the pandemic, we shouldn’t lose sight of other issues that pose a threat. Cybercrime should be considered a very real threat during this time as criminals are using the pandemic as an opportunity to strike. Even though the spread of coronavirus may be slowing down, the opportunities for hackers are on the rise, with many of us encouraged to work from home. The threat is real We’ve already seen num

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