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Small Charity Week
frequently asked questions

What counts as a small charity?

We loosely define a small charity as one with an income under £1million. 

When will the Small Charity Week 2023 assets (logo etc) be available?

We will have a Small Charity Week toolkit to share by Friday 26 May.


This will include assets such as the SCW logo, social media template designs, hashtags, suggested social media posts, template downloadable posters (to help you promote you events on site) and more.

When will the schedule for the week be announced?

Who is funding this year's Small Charity Week?

We're very grateful to Lloyds Bank Foundation for funding Small Charity Week 2023.

Who is running Small Charity Week this year?

NCVO are working with two external project managers and one external project officer to  deliver SCW 2023 along with support from the Small Charity Advisory Panel, and other charity sector infrastructure organisations. 

I'm a small charity how do I tell you what I need?

Please complete the two forms highlighted in our blog Small Charity Week Is Back by 5pm on Monday 15th May.

I want to offer my support to SCW2023 how do I do this?

We would love to hear from anyone who might be able to support Small Charity Week 2023. Please complete this form by 5pm on Monday 15th May.

Who are the Small Charity Week project team?

Wayne Murray

Founder of Humanity Squared

Vic Hancock Fell

Founder of Fair Development

Nicola Gower

Founder of NLG Digital

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