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How to get involved with
Small Charity Week

It’s a critical time for small charities and whatever your role in the sector, you can help. Small Charity Week is back. To support. To amplify. To create connections. To push for change. Now’s the time.


Help to curate and shape the content of Small Charity Week.


Our initial listening and learning from small charities have shown that the topics below are important, but we want you to tell us what you need.

Please respond by 5pm, Monday 15th of May and make sure your voice is heard.


If you're a small charity that has done brilliant things that you want to share with your peers or if you're a larger charity, a consultant, or an agency that feel you can help this year, let us know how.


Importantly, if you’ve helped before, and are planning on being awesome and helping again, we want to hear from you too.


Are you running events during Small Charity Week?


In person or online, register them today and we will amplify and celebrate them.

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