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Tuesday 21 June
Top Tips and Quick Wins

10:00 AM | The FSI

Come on for a quick whirlwind tour of fundraising in its various forms, uncovering top tips gleaned from experience and research, some of which you will know, and others may be a little nuggets of gold to give your funding a boots, like a shot of espresso at 3.30 pm. 

Getting your small charity ready to take on its first member of staff

10:30 AM | The FSI

The majority of charities begin life managed by a passionate founder and/or a group of dedicated Trustees and volunteers. A question that is asked frequently by small charity leaders is, how can my small charity make the transition to taking on our first paid member of staff? In some cases charities continue like this for years or even decades. In this informal webinar, Vic Hancock-Fell, Associate at the FSI, will be sharing from her experience  of being a Trustee/ Volunteer herself. She will share her own experiences of this process from her time at two small charities and will share learning from the wider sector to help small charity leaders get their house in order, ready to take on their first paid member of staff. 

Telling Your Small Charity Impact Story

1:00 PM | The FSI

This Small Charity Week, we want to hear every small charity shout loudly about the amazing impact they have. But we know it can be difficult to find the time and inspiration to tell that story most effectively, and to know the best ways to get your story out there. In this interactive workshop, you will:
-    Identify who you’re telling your story to and why
-    Think about the pros and cons of different ways to tell your story
-    Be inspired by real life examples and your small charity peers
-    Have a go at telling your story in a new way!

Charity Risk Landscape with a focus on people risks and how an enterprise risk management approach can help

2:00 PM | Ansvar

We live in a riskier world – its volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous!.  


In this webinar we will explore how an Enterprise risk management approach can help your charity manage key risks but also look for new opportunities (the upside of risk).   We will look at the current charity risk landscape with a particular focus on people risks, discuss possible mitigation measures and touch on the importance of horizon scanning to help you prepare for those emerging risks coming over the horizon.

Plus, if you want to know more and access a whole toolkit on Enterprise Risk Management, then have a look at Ansvar's website.

Project Management ‘How To’ Guide: Completing a Project Book

3:00 PM | The FSI

Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on project insights from the rest of your team? Have you ever had to plan a project from scratch, even though a similar version has been run before?


For busy small charities, it can be hard to make the time to keep structured and up-to-date records of different activities – meaning you risk losing institutional memory and might end up ‘reinventing the wheel’. A Project Book is an accessible tool that allows you to effectively record and manage all the key information relating to a particular aspect of your work, helping you and your current (and future!) colleagues to efficiently capture, consider and communicate important details – like original project briefs, processes needed and ongoing learnings.


This Small Charity Week, join Ali and Remi from the FSI for an interactive one-hour session on how to make the best use of the FSI’s Project Book template, to help save your charity time and resources, and make project handovers much less troublesome. This will be a practical webinar with time for Q&A from attendees, who will leave with the tools to co-create their own team’s Project Books.

Boundaries for boards - distinguishing governance from management

4:00 PM | Association of Chairs

In many ways governance of a small charity is harder than governance in a large charity. A lot of the traditional advice is written for organisations with staff, lots of them.  But in a small charity the Chair and trustees are not just making the decisions but are often involved in carrying them out too. Even if you do have staff the chances are that they won’t have enough time in the day or all the skills needed for every aspect of running a small organisation. In this session we’ll explore why it’s important to separate out governance and management and practical ways to do that.

Wednesday 22 June
Donor Survey Magic: Transform your stewardship by engaging, retaining and inspiring your donors to give more

10:00 AM | Jamila Daley Jeffers

This webinar will cover:

• Why you should send surveys and how to get themost out of them
• Which donors you should send surveys to

• What surveys should ask and how often
• How to use the information you receive from your surveys to engage, retain and inspire your give more

Speaker Bio: Jamila is the founder of Tabitha’s People supporting small charities on fundraising, governance, strategy and impact measurement sharing her real life small charity experience and expertise. Leveraging her experience working closely with senior leadership teams and trustees, she is excited to work with charitable organisations across the UK to help them build on their strengths and improve their capabilities in order to become more sustainable. Jamila is passionate about inspiring best practice in the small charity and in the ongoing education of third sector professionals.

Governance- what it is and how to do it well

11:00 AM | Ian McLintock

Charity Excellence Framework’s Ian McLintock will be running ‘Governance- what it is and how to do it well’ on 22nd June! But this is a webinar with a difference because we want to hear what you want from the session.

So, if there’s something you’re bursting to know or something you’ve always wanted a session to cover, then let us know and register your place today!

Ian has been a volunteer for 45 years and has worked at senior management level for 25, including various chair and CEO roles. He is probably best known as the founder of the free Charity Excellence platform and its Funding Finder database.  With 27,000 members, growing by 1300+ a month, Charity Excellence is the largest and fastest growing UK charity community: nearly half rate it 10/10.  For those that value them, he holds a master’s degree in corporate management, as well as professional qualifications in finance & accounting and fundraising.

Health and Safety 101 for Charities

12:00 PM | Law Works

Tim Hill, a Partner and Solicitor Advocate at the law firm Eversheds Sutherland, will be running a session about what charity employers, employees and volunteers need to know about Health & Safety regulations, including best practice for post-COVID workplaces and guidance on Health and Safety checklists.  

Ask the IT Experts!

14:00 PM | Qlic IT

Ever had an IT question that you really want answered? Or been confused by some tech speak?


So have we!


So, if you have an IT question (big or small) that you need an answer to, then make sure you book your place on this Q&A webinar now!


Qlic IT's expertise includes-
- Managed IT Support
- Project Management
- Cloud Solutions
- Managed Cyber Security
- Expert Website Design


At Qlic we make your IT simple. We specialise in helping charities and not-for-profits deliver effective services through pro-active support and free consultancy.

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