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Small Charity Week 2023 - the line up

So, what’s actually happening with Small Charity Week and how can I get involved?

Two absolutely brilliant questions.

It’s been a while since we wrote with the good news that Small Charity Week is back, 19 - 23 June 2023, so we thought it was about time we wrote again to let you know where we are and what's actually happening.

We asked, you responded

Firstly, it was important that SCW was driven by the needs of small charities themselves. We asked what your hot topics were, and the response was huge. Thank you.

We then asked the wider sector what they could offer to help small charities. Once again the response was heartfelt and amazing. Thank you too.

This has helped us shape 5 days of curated content, driven by, and co-created with small charities.This is the official Small Charity Week line up, organised by us here at SCW HQ.

We also asked the wider sector, including big and small charities, infrastructure organisations, businesses and freelancers to register any events they were planning for Small Charity Week so that we can collate, promote and celebrate all the amazing events that are taking place in addition to the main SCW content throughout the week. Once again the sector did not let us down.

So what do we have?

Downloadable resources

All the assets you need to join in with SCW are available in a toolkit. Tuck in and start amplifying and supporting SCW. We’ll give a shout out to anyone we see using the assets. Please use the hashtags #SmallCharityWeek #SmallCharitiesTogether

Small Charity Week official line up

Firstly we have 5 days of specially curated content, all based on the themes small charities told us they needed support with, and all delivered by small charities and the people who understand them - importantly, all speakers will be paid for their time.

  • Monday is CELEBRATION DAY. We’ll be focussing on celebrating the amazing contribution small charities make to our society and holding live webinars on partnerships, radical governance, people power and centring lived experience.

  • Tuesday is PEOPLE DAY. We’ll be focussing on kindness, wellbeing, inclusivity and avoiding burnout.

  • Wednesday is DISCUSSION DAY. We’ll be focussing on the big issues facing the small charity sector right now and we’ll talk with funders on how the funding sector can be better for small charities.

  • Thursday is LEARNING DAY. We’ll be focussing on motivating staff and volunteers, innovation in fundraising and communications and supporting disabled staff and volunteers.

  • Friday is FUTURE DAY. We’ll be focussing on what the future should look like for small charities, and for SCW.

All of these sessions will be recorded and available to all, so don’t worry if you can’t make it on the day. Obviously it’s better if you can though, and it means you can get involved in any Q and A’s. You’ll be able to sign up to these sessions via Eventbrite w/c 5th June.

Satellite events

We also have a huge amount of satellite events happening throughout the week. The good news is there is still time to add an event of your own.

You want more?

We’re also planning some work with politicians, 121 advice sessions, podcasts, promotion through regional media, Twitter takeovers during the week and a slot on #CharityHour. We’ll update on other activities as they get finalised. Phew!

Humans are amazing

We really have been bowled over by the humanity and kindness from the sector in not only making SCW happen, but making it so bold, relevant and collectively owned. There will be a time for individual thank yous and praise, but for now just a massive thank you to the sector for really stepping up like you have. You should be very proud.

Thanks, and more to come soon.

Wayne, Vic and Nicola, the SCW project team

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