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Small Charity Week 2023

Listen back to all the speakers from Small Charity Week 2023

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Celebration Day

Welcome to Small Charity Week 2023

Vicki Beevers, CEO and Founder of The Sleep Charity, and member of the Small Charities Advisory Panel welcomes us to Small Charity Week 2023, looking at what small charity week means to the sector and giving us a flavour of what's to come throughout the week.

Spirit of Partnership

Claire Baggott (Better Together Project) and Ellie Dawes (The Aplastic Anaemia Trust) discuss the importance of partnership and working together.

Radical governance and charity leadership

Samantha Holdsworth from Clowns Without Borders discussed radical governance and different approaches to charity leadership, like their youngest trustee member who is just six years old.  

First time as a CEO of a small charity

Janine Edwards from Power for the People, shares her experience and some top tips from becoming a CEO of a small charity for the first time.

People Day

Self care and wellbeing in the sector

Hilda Campbell, from COPE Scotland, looks at creating a safe space for those managing and leading teams in smaller charities to reflect on the barriers to their own self-care and wellbeing.

Mindfulness and resilience in the workplace

Premila Puri, from KindInvest, gives us some top tips to look after our mental health at work and in our everyday lives, focusing on mindfulness techniques and building up our resililence.

Looking after our sleep 

Vicki Beevers and Lisa Artis explain why sleep is so important for our physical, mental and emotional health and how you can calm your busy minds to ensure you're getting a good night rest.

How to make charity workplaces more LGBTQIA+ friendly and inclusive

Join Kevin Taylor McKnight from Charity So Straight as he shares his top tips on how to make sure your charity workplace is more LGBTQIA+ friendly and inclusive.

How to avoid burnout 

Hannah Miller from Sidekick shares some of her top tips on making sure you look after yourself and avoid burnout.

Discussion Day

How can funders better support small charities?

Ray Coyle, co-Chair of the Small Charities Advisory Panel, hosts a panel discussion with The Fore, Lloyds Bank Foundation, Money4YOU and Civic Power Fund asking how funders can better support small charities.

What role could and should the Charity Commission play in supporting small charities?

Join Vic Hancock Fell as she speaks to Holly Riley, Head of Policy at the Charity Commission, about the Charity Commission's exciting plans for sector support for the coming years.

Learning Day

Staff and volunteer management and motivation

Nicola Upton from Age UK Sutton, shares some best practice advice on how to manage your staff and volunteers, and very importantly, how to keep them all motivated.

Innovative fundraising strategies

Martha Awojobi shares so many innovative and wonderful ways to help you raise more funds for your small charity. 

Why Trustees have got to get involved in fundraising

Amber Shotton, Chair of Small International Development Charities Network (SIDCN), tells us why Trustees need to get more involved with fundraising and the impact they can have.

Recruiting and supporting disabled staff and volunteers

Mark Upton, from My Vision Oxfordshire, is joined by his colleague Devante Claridge, to share with us their knowledge on the best ways to ensure you are recruiting and supporting disabled staff and volunteers.

Comms on a shoestring and no time

Jess Young, from Volunteer Centre Greenwich, shares some of the ways she has learnt to deliver marketing and communications with very little budget and time.

Future day

Financial planning and stability

Amsel Page Von Spreckelsen, from Blackbird Charity Finance, shares some of the best ways to be more organised with your finances, plan better and make your small charity more financially stable.

The future for small charities 

Wayne Murray, Founder of Humanity Squared, and Vic Hancock Fell, Founder of Fair Development, and two thirds of this year's Small Charity Week project team, discuss what the future of small charities look likes and how we can keep the momentum from this week going throughout the year/years to come.

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